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Investment Management Services

Our unique Investment Management service combines financial planning, discretionary asset management, and income tax services into one package for one fee. Investment Management clients receive the following services on an ongoing basis:

.  Cash Management
.  Investment Management
.  Estate Planning
.  Retirement Planning
.  College Planning

.  Income Tax Planning
.  401(k) Plan Planning
.  Maintaining Tax Records
.  Insurance Planning
.  Debt Management

After we assemble your initial financial plan, you will receive all the above services on an ongoing basis. Our management fee is all inclusive and there are no additional charges for telephone calls, emails, office consultations, plan updates, or other meetings. For our fee schedule, please click here.

Financial Plan

We begin every new client relationship by preparing a financial plan which combines a long-term cash flow analysis and retirement projections with income tax forecasts. The planning process provides us with the underpinnings of your investment plan. It is essential to understand your overall financial picture in order to make the most appropriate decisions about the investments that best suit your needs and those of your family.

Asset Management

During the financial planning process we will come to understand your attitude toward risk and your tolerance for volatility. These inputs are used to help us construct a portfolio of assets designed to best help you achieve your long-term retirement goals, while keeping your risk profile in mind. We use our experience and expertise to select a combination of no-load mutual funds, ETFs and fixed income securities best suited to each individual client's needs. That need could be making your money stretch during retirement, funding college educations or making savings grow into a sizable nest egg. Your portfolio is monitored on a regular basis and adjusted as necessary to reflect moves in the financial markets.

Are you unsure what services you need? Consider a complimentary Get Acquainted Session.


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Kiely Capital Management offers financial planning and investment advice. Serving Central and Northern New Jersey, Yvonne and Bernard (Bernie) Kiely provide over 25 years of experience offering discretionary asset management, retirement planning and income tax preparation. KCM is registered with the State of New Jersey as a Registered Investment Advisor.

“The only thing we sell is good advice.”


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