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Financial Planning Services

When you plan your financial future with Kiely Capital Management, we will help you make informed decisions. Throughout the financial planning process, we will work with you to clarify the many uncertainties and unknowns that make thinking about the long term somewhat frightening. Retirement is the time to enjoy the fruits of your life's labors without worrying about whether you have enough money to live on. You need not make important decisions that will affect the golden years for you and your family by yourself.

Preparing Your Financial Plan

We begin every new client relationship by preparing a financial plan which includes:

  • retirement projections,
  • a long-term cash flow analysis and
  • income tax forecasts.

For those with younger children, we will also analyze your

  • options for funding college educations.

Our process starts by gathering information about your present financial circumstances. This includes an inventory of all your assets, such as:

  • investment accounts,
  • retirement plans and
  • personal property,

as well as your liabilities, like:

  • mortgages,
  • home equity loans or
  • credit card debt.

With this information we prepare a projection of all sources of income including Social Security and pension benefits, through age 95. Our analysis also projects your expected living expenses and income taxes over the same time period. Our forecast commonly answers many of the questions you may currently be thinking about such as; "What effect will inflation have on my cost of living?" or "Will I run out of money in my old age?"

A final written plan including summary illustrations, cash flow analysis and income tax projections will be presented to you at a review meeting which takes place in our offices.

Do you need asset management and income tax services? Consider our Investment Management Services.


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Kiely Capital Management offers financial planning and investment advice. Serving Central and Northern New Jersey, Yvonne and Bernard (Bernie) Kiely provide over 25 years of experience offering discretionary asset management, retirement planning and income tax preparation. KCM is registered with the State of New Jersey as a Registered Investment Advisor.

“The only thing we sell is good advice.”


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